Your credit is a crucial piece of the puzzle

Unless you're Bill Gates, you probably will need to borrow money — a lot of it — to buy a home. That means your credit history will come into play in a big way, because that's primarily what lenders will use to decide how big of a risk you are. The prospect of a credit check can bring to mind all sorts of unpleasant things, like whether you paid your credit card bill on time this month — or a year ago this month. Oops…

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How a Realtor can help solve your real estate puzzle

It's not necessarily common knowledge, but there's a big difference between a Realtor like myself and a real estate agent. Like real estate agents, Realtors are licensed to do business in their state. However, Realtors have gone a step further to become members of the local board of Realtors and have agreed to abide by strict ethical rules. That means you can trust a Realtor to act with the highest degree of professionalism and provide the highest level of service.…

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